Hi! I'm a professor of education who's starting to research fandom racebending & racebent fanwork. I've been in and out of more than a dozen fandoms over the past 10-15 years, have written more than a dozen fics (two current WIPs), and have been heartened by the calls for diversity in media recently. I am hoping to interview fan artists, vidders & fic writers who have racebent Frozen in any way. If any fan creators are willing to be interviewed, could you have them contact me? Thanks! :)

If anyone is interested!

Hate to pester. But you haven't posted much art in a while... Would you mind making some more ended bent art posts? It's been a few weeks now and I'm just anxious haha

I do not make any of the art on this blog. I rely on submissions, tag searches, and my own dashboard to find content, but I’m only one mod and my own non-internet life takes precedence over running this blog. Things fall by the wayside! 

So if you want more art, chances are you’ll find it faster than I can. As always, submissions are open and I will happily reblog any posts if you provide a link.

would you mind deleting that post where kristoff is edited to look like a "real saami" its actually racist towards my people, white supremacists grouped us with other ethnic minorities so they could treat us just as badly as they did to them. and its extremely incorrect and offensive.

My apologies, it has been deleted.


Oops…I did it again! This time with the leading ladies of Frozen.


I’ve been itching to share this for a while now. My last project was Cinderella, and since there’s already one version of Cinderella for Far Faria, I decided to do a Filipino version version just to mix it up. 

You can download the app to read it here! 


Fancast Meme: Eleven Racebent Characters: Disney Edition

The Little Mermaid:

Karla Crome as Ariel                                                           

Adetomiwa Edun as Prince Eric

No, of course there were PoC in Europe. But the people of Europe are, and in the past were even more so, predominantly white. So it would be logical to assume that the characters from our folklore resemble the majority of us, wouldn't it? Secondly, there were white people outside Europe, but for some reason it is unthinkable to racebend a character from a non European story as a white person. You get your identity plus can partake in ours. Sounds fair.
Cont: Why even use characters from European folklore? Why not use the myriad of characters from non-European myths and stories?
Why is it objectional that characters from European folklore are portrayed as Europeans? None, of the characters from PoC folklore are portrayed as Europeans. Shouldn't white characters be drawn white and PoC characters be drawn as their respective ethnicity? I am all for more PoC Disney princesses, but they should come from PoC stories and myths, not European ones. Like, you can have PoC stories AND European stories and we can't have any?

So you mean to say that characters from European folklore must always be white, because obviously no one in Europe has ever been non-white……that poc and European stories can’t intersect because “Europeans” and “people of color” are not the same people…………………if that’s what you mean, then no, you CAN’T have any.


Hey! I love Disney and your blog. I’ve just finished a race-bent/semi-cosplay music for Tangled and I’d be so grateful if you’d tell me your thoughts!
The finished project will air on Friday and I’m really excited.

Wow, thank you! Can’t wait to see the finished video!


Characters: Fix It Felix Jr. & Sergent Tamora Calhoun
From: Wreck It Ralph
Cosplayers: Anukii & Ryan 


Characters: Fix It Felix Jr. & Sergent Tamora Calhoun

From: Wreck It Ralph

Cosplayers: Anukii & Ryan